I.B.I.S (Lore)

I.B.I.S from Lore: Cast Sheet 2015

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I.B.I.S. is a story from the Torres Strait, a beautiful and isolated land of laughter and sunny smiles. This joyful work explores life on the islands: a place where, despite challenges of displacement and climate change, the culture remains strong and the people optimistic.

In these heartfelt dance works, Bangarra explores themes of identity, inequality, climate change, and sustainability with a hopeful and positive outlook for the future.

Duration: 45 MINUTES

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We’re both from Murray Island in the Torres Strait – a beautiful, isolated, sunny, wild land of smiles and loud laughter. We wanted to create a work that puts a smile on your face and gives you an insight into life on the islands, a place where despite challenges of displacement and climate change, the culture remains strong and the people optimistic. We hope that the vitality and resilience of the island personality shines through in this piece.

I.B.I.S stands for Island Board of Industry and Services, a little local store on a few of the islands. In our work, we’ve created a fictional I.B.I.S store where the people are modern day hunters and gatherers.

It was Stephen who came to us with the initial concept for I.B.I.S – he posed the question to us: “What would happen if we highlighted moments that you would see at the store? What happens at the store at night when this frozen aquarium of jellyfish, stingrays and crayfish comes to life?” and that was our jumping off point for the work.

We’ve chartered the evolution of this small trading company to how it’s grown through the commitment and engagement of the Torres Strait people to make it the strong entity it is today. It’s this sense of community that flows through into the studio as we work with our fellow dancers, who are helping us shape our story.

Working as choreographers for the first time has given us both a new appreciation of the individuality of Bangarra’s dancers. Stephen and Frances have always taught us the importance of bringing ourselves to the work and to relish our differences, and this is what makes Bangarra such a treasure.

- Deborah Brown & Waangenga Blanco, 2015

I.B.I.S' Sections:

DEBE IDIM (Good Morning) - It’s morning on the island. The community begins to stir

  • Ni Ngoe Dhe Goiga (You are My Sunshine)
  • Gathering
  • Tup Song (Sardine Song)

WARU (Turtle) - It’s egg laying season. The men are called to gather their prized turtle eggs

  • Stalking
  • Turtle Egg
  • Neck Tie

FREEZER - Back in the store, what will we find in the freezer section?

  • Cool Down
  • Rising Water
  • Crayfish

DEBE KI (Good Night) - It’s closing time but the community still shines

  • Re-Gather
  • Company Rice
  • Lore
  • Ooura (Kir Kir Keber Dance)

I.B.I.S premiered in 2015 as part of the double bill Lore, which included Sheoak and I.B.I.S.