In 2018, Bangarra's Rekindling team engaged with three new communities across two states: Charleville and Thursday Island (QLD), and Darwin (NT) and facilitated five Rekindling return visits: Warrnambool (Vic), Grafton (NSW), Townsville (QLD), Docker River (NT) and Pukatja (SA).

Rekindling is Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Youth Program, which aims to inspire young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to:

  • have pride in the knowledge of their cultural background
  • have a strong sense of kinship and connection to their communities and country
  • understand their role as the future custodians of their culture
  • establish the foundations for positive career choices

The Rekindling program is tailored to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teenagers in regional and urban communities. As we know, for many young people the choices they make and the activities they engage with in their teenage years can have an impact on their entire lives, as well as affecting their families and communities.

Sidney Saltner

Youth Program Director

Sidney is a descendent of the Wulli Wulli and Wakka Wakka people of Central Queensland. He is a Performer, Choreographer and Director with over decades of experience. He currently holds the position of Youth Program Director with Bangarra Dance Theatre.

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