Travis De Vries

Dance Artist (Alumni)

  • New South Wales, Netherlands, Scotland

Travis is a Gamilaroi man who was born in Muswellbrook, New South Wales. In 2007 Travis was accepted into NAISDA Dance College. After graduating in 2010 Travis was accepted on secondment with Bangarra Dance Theatre to work with Frances Rings on Artefact. He then began a traineeship with the company in 2011, where he continued to immerse himself in his passion for pushing creative boundaries and being a part of making new work.



Travis is a Gamilaroi, Dutch, Scottish man who was born in Muswellbrook, New South Wales.



Travis is a First Nations conceptual Artist, Podcaster, Writer and Producer, with who runs the hit comedy podcast Broriginals.

Travis’ practice has taken him from performing on stage with Bangarra Dance Theatre across Australia, the United States, and Mongolia, to creating bespoke community programs for Indigenous performers through the Sydney Opera House, to performing his own live storytelling work at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Travis creates unique, narrative-led, large-scale exhibitions combining multiple forms - paintings, drawings, projections and experiential sculptures - focused on recreating and evolving Indigenous and western mythologies for a modern era. Storytelling is at the heart of his practice - through the use of fable, metaphor, symbolism and storytelling tropes he invokes a deep connection with audiences to explore a range of both personal and universal themes including Indigeneity, violence, destruction, politics, love, death and relationships. All of this comes together to create an experiential style of work that is both unique and familiar.

Throughout his career, Travis has sought out international opportunities and collaborations and is most notably an alumnus of The British Council’s ACCELERATE program, travelling to the United Kingdom to meet with like-minded creatives, to explore future collaborations. Travis also organised and participated in numerous international arts residencies; he travelled to Paris, Barcelona, and Dublin in 2015 to visit art galleries, venues and arts organisation through the Sydney Opera House.

In 2018, Travis was the Create New South Wales Aboriginal Arts Fellow, completing a research residency at the Australian Museum and a creative residency at Gallery Lane Cove. Travis has also held solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, Sydney and Muswellbrook.

Travis is the co-host and producer of Broriginals, a comedy podcast that has grown a cult following and has performed live at the Spotify Headquarters, and the Australian Museum.