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Murray Island

Mer Island

Known by the local people as Mer, Murray Island is a small island of volcanic origin in the eastern region of the Torres Strait. The local language is Meriam Mir- Meriam meaning the 'people', and Mir meaning 'language, talk or discussion'. From the Mer hilltop, the start of Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef can be seen, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Mer is the final resting place of Eddie Mabo, whose determination to prove his people's continual connection to their land and seas resulted in one of the most important High Court rulings in Australia’s history - The Mabo Decision (1992), overturning the illegality of terra nullis.

Many Bangarra alumni have Mer Island heritage and have spent time here with Elders and community. In 2008, Bangarra travelled to Mer, returning Emeret Lu to Country, leading dance workshops and participating in a string-games workshop and other cultural actives with the community.