On Country

the Kimberley

The Kimberley, Western Australia’s most northern region, spans an area of 423,517 km2. With spectacular gorges, thundering waterfalls and beautiful beaches, the geological origins of this vast Country reach back over nearly 2000 million years, when the Kimberley was a separate land mass. Inland areas contain evidence of coral reefs, and fish fossils have been discovered around the Gogo and Fossil Downs cattle stations. The Kimberley’s climate is generally considered to be a tropical monsoonal.

Evidence of First Nations existence in the area goes back over 65,000 years. With a deep understanding of the Land, the Aboriginal people of the Kimberley recognise six traditional seasons based on meteorological events, as well as observations of flora and fauna.

Bangarra's production SandSong was inspired by the people and Country of the Kimberly and Great Sandy Desert. Please see the SandSong Study Guide for more information.