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This track features the First Nations' language, Pitjantjatjara (Central Desert).

Grinding Stone is a male piece about the stone tools that were used throughout Australia. David Page and I were inspired not only by the friction of the grinding stone as they are being used, but by the rhythms they created – and the power and energy that builds from the labour. That helped evolve the story around grinding stone.

Frances Rings - 2010

Note from David Page

In the section called Grinding Stone, Derek lynch has translated a poem I wrote into his pitjantjatjara language:

Grinding stone is our way of life;

It is part of us

Man woman and child

This is how we make our tools, our weapons Stone axe, spear head

We grind our food;

How we make our Ochre for ceremony Song and Dance

Grinding stone is our way of life

Some Bangarra dancers have also lent their voices to various recordings. To evoke the rhythm of grinding stones I’ve used electronic sounds with men’s breathing patterns to communicate the labour associated with that artefact."

    • Music
      David Page (dec.)
    • Language Translation from English into Pitjantjatjara Language
      Derek Lynch