David Page and Steve Francis on Boomerang: Music Notes

Even the most overt contemporary elements contain a rich traditional essence.

In many ways Boomerang is a return to our original way of working together as a creative team. Traditional songs and stories from Yirrkala once again set the foundation and provide the spark – the inspiration – to create an original soundscape. Even the most overt contemporary elements contain a rich traditional essence.

It’s exciting that Djakapurra is back. He was away for almost four years, so really it’s inevitable that this traditional flavour has returned. He gives us the right, the permission and the licence to fuse these powerful songs with contemporary sounds. Striking a balance –the old against the new – is always fascinating. In some ways it’s easier starting with the old. The best music often comes from a traditional base. So, with respect, the challenge is finding a new way to integrate the contemporary – you have to be careful not to overpower one with the other.

Stephen plays a big part in the music and is extremely detailed with the story. Boomerang is his dream after all, so it’s our job to interpret his dream and come up with the music score that works. The great thing is that he gives us the opportunity to be free and allows us to find our true creativity. He inspires you more than anything else and we trust him.

Boomerang is about going back to your culture and seeing where you come from and the music can only ever really come from that – it draws from that original idea. In many ways it’s that simple. We’re just fortunate enough to be a part of this modern-day dreaming.

David Page & Steve Francis