Dance Clan 2023

Sani Townson on Dance Clan

  • Torres Strait Islands, Saibai Island
  • Choreography, Stories, Songs & Language, Highlights, Concept, Behind the Scenes

"Now I'm ready to show you me and my family" - Sani Townson

Sani is a Samu, Koedal and Dhoeybaw man from Saibai Island in the Torres Strait. He returns as a choreographer for Dance Clan after performing as a company dancer from 2001 – 2006.

In Kulka (blood) for Dance Clan, Sani shares his grandfather's lineage and totem through intricate choreography driven by the rhythms and language of his home in the Torres Strait. Despite his current life in the city, full of distractions, Sani maintains the characteristics of his totem, with the knowledge that heritage and bloodlines are the very essence of Lagaw Mabaygal (Island People).

Video by Cass Eipper