Emeret Lu (True Stories)

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  • Torres Strait Islands
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This track features the First Nations' language, Meriam Mer.

Paying thanks to the ancestors and elders for caring for culture and passing this care and knowledge on to us, custodians of this knowledge until we too pass it down.

Lyrics (Meriam Mer Language) for ESSO (Thanks in Creole)

Gerger a ki obarkeda keriba arer wauridli emeretge pe ki able kerkerge ki yabi dararmireda.
Ka eswau ikaida kara idoni akepuar a keriba gair tonar
Ka eswau ikaida keriba meriam mir dike
Ka eswau ikaida keriba zogo tonar pe ki wabi kabge
A wedge natomeret
Ka eswau ikaida keriba zogolu nagri
Ka eswau ikaida keriba arer a emeretle wi au tugar tugar wauridli
Ka eswau ikaida keriba arer wauridli emeretge

ESSO Translation

As the days and nights of the world go by, years of centuries passed by,
As my ancestors lived their lifestyle traditionally we follow the pasin ways of our culture.
I esso for all the knowledge and acknowledge of our lifestyle.

I esso our language
I esso our traditions and customs we expressed in dance and remembered in song
I esso our ritual objects
I esso our forefathers, our old people, proud and dignified people
I esso our ancestors

    • Storyteller - Meriam Mer Language
      Smilar Sinak
    • Spoken Word - Meriam Mer Language
      Elma Kris