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Knowledge Ground: 30 years of sixty five thousand is an immersive installation that reflects on the worlds that have shaped Bangarra’s existence, and the influences that have breathed life into our creative practice.

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Audiences have experienced our award-winning artistry in theatres across the country and abroad; this installation offers a unique opportunity to intimately connect with the extensive lives of our works off the stage, as part of a cycle of cultural sharing, creation, and reciprocity.

Bangarra is rooted in two worlds, and through dance we connect to both, embodying ancient practices and igniting contemporary songlines. Our productions are our contemporary acts of ceremony, our way of protecting and preserving our unique songline. Knowledge Ground is a curated collection of the artefacts of these ceremonies – iconic set pieces, soundscapes, and costumes, which reveal the influences and themes that underpin our practice.

Knowledge Ground is an opportunity to engage with these worlds up close, a chance to explore the worlds which inspire and challenge us, and the cultural knowledge ground that nurtures and sustains our works.

Co-curated by Head of Design Jacob Nash and Artistic Director Stephen Page, this unique installation is a true look behind the curtain at Australia's premier First Nations performing arts company, and our experiences navigating cultural and creative lives in two opposing worlds.