Miyagan (OUR land people stories)

“Dilbi-bu Kupathin-bu” – Wiradjuri Song

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© By Diane Riley-McNaboe 1/4/2016

This song is inspired by the Wiradjuri moiety roles on Country.

This song is not part of the final Miyagan score, however this material was a seed for creative ideas, choreographic and story development.

Dilbi-bu Kupathin-bu

Verse 1


Dilbi yirang wirridyirra - Dilbi seeds spreading
Buwanha-gu walang-bang - To grow very strong
Marradhal - Needs/has to be born & grow
Dilbi Dilbi Balima/Wunhanha - Dilbi Dilbi North/West

Verse 2


Kupathin wiiny bunanha - Kapathin Fire Burning
Dyirayganha buwanha - Bring forth growth
Dyirayganha gulbi-bu guwang-bu - Bring forth Smoke/Mist & Rain-also
Kupathin Kupathin Guya/Bululay - Kupathin Kupathin South/East

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      Diane Riley McNaboe