Miyagan (OUR land people stories)

Miyagan: Snippets from the Creative Process

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The word Miyagan is Wiradjuri for Family. In the work Miyagan, choreographers Beau Dean Riley Smith and Daniel Riley explore their personal heritage and the Wiradjuri kinship system. The choreographers looked into their family background which involved exploring the Wiradjuri totemic system. This system is broken down into four levels:

  1. Nation (broad geographic area)
  2. Clan (Specific geographic areas within broad area)
  3. Family (bloodline)
  4. Individual (traits and skills)

(extracted from 'Kinship' presentation delivered to Bangarra in 2016 by Dr. Lynette Riley)

1. Choreographers Daniel Riley and Beau Dean Riley Smith collaborating in the studio

2. Workshopping and creating 'Moiety'

Extract from the the choreographers notes

Each moiety is a mirror image of the other. Representing:

  • land
  • air
  • water
  • other geographical features

Dancers divide and gather amongst their respective moiety, dividing the nation in two. One moiety leaves, leaving the other on stage - explore the companions of these moieties through call and response ...

3. 'Wilay'

Clan - the second level of the totemic system. Wilay is the brush tail possum.