A Word From Sean Choolburra

My time with Bangarra still exists in me - great times!

I'm honoured to be a part of the songline of one of the greatest dance companies in the world - the famous Bangarra. My time with Bangarra was full of fun ... and it was raw.

I would dance alongside Russell and Djakapurra and Pinau - strong brothers who danced so deadly!

It was great!

During the time I was there, we did a production called NINNI and the famous Ochres; I loaned a few whistles in the soundtrack of Black (Ochres) - haha.

But my time with Bangarra still exists in me - great times! ... and where do you find professional dancers 'kai kai'-ing (eating), rice 'n' bully beef every day for lunch, haha ... and cuppa tea.

Bless Stephen and all his work ... and bless Russell and David - such talents!

Sean Choolburra, Photography u.k., date u.k.

Sean Choolburra is one of the most popular and versatile Indigenous performers in Australia today. He has a long 25+ year’s career as a didgeridoo player, dancer, singer, actor, songwriter, and comedian. Sean performed with Bangarra Dance Theatre as a dance artist in the 1994 productions Ninni and Ochres.