Adelaide Festival Program | 2002

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A story seeded from the Dreaming, from both Mother Earth and the male energy she bears, this work explores the knowledge, the challenges, and the hope of a people through lines of kinship and culture.

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Skin is a program of two works: Shelter and Spear by Stephen Page. As you enter the theatre for Skin, you are entering a timeless sacred space. Barely visible in low lighting, a woman and a boy start to unfold a story. The bonding spirit of the women in Shelter lay the foundation for the men of Spear to survive.

My first inspiration was family kinship. I have seen how remote traditional families live. l have watched urban Aboriginal families live. I have watched my professional family - Bangarra - live. And my immediate family. I have been inspired by the traditional family kinship - about the way it respects the gender of men and women. - Stephen Page, 2002