• South Australia, Raukkan
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This track features the First Nations' language, Ngarrindjeri (South Australia).

The science of man and landscape. Knowledge of the seasons in essential for survival.

Inventor, author, philosopher, visionary - Unaipon is Frances Rings’ monumental 2004 work about the man on the Australian $50 note.

David Page on the music for Unaipon

"David Unaipon's life was very full and very complex. It would take an 8-part documentary to tell his whole life story. Just to reflect his inspiration and his legacy through the medium of dance and music was hard enough. There is so much information about this incredible inventor, philosopher, writer and storyteller. I am very privileged to be a part of this artistic project that continues to honour and respect such a spiritual and extraordinary Aboriginal man."

This track features the following Ngarrindjeri language.

Lah ah khan - a weaving style of stitching the sedge grass or also means 'spearing'. Lakinyeri is 'tribe' or 'clan' in Ngarrindjeri.

Ruwai - Ruwe means 'land'/ 'country'/ 'ground'. If spelt ruwa, means 'body'.

Maaii - Maii means wind.