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When audiences experience the production of Waru, they are taking part in a creative and compelling form of storytelling that illustrates the uniqueness of Torres Strait Islands – the People, the Place, and the Culture - and presents it in a way that people of all ages can relate to and comprehend. Waru weaves story of survival into a story of natural life cycles, illustrated by orchestrated by the characters of Migi the turtle, Aka Malu the guardian of the island, and Maari, the keeper of all the water.

Framed in a way that children can relate to, the story of Waru touches on some of the most important issues that face the world today, while providing scenarios about diversity and the environment, and is focused on the following learning perspectives.

  • Learning about other Cultures is the first step in developing an understanding of the human right to be able to express one’s culture and participate in cultural life with dignity and equity.
  • Learning about the threat to our natural world, from activities that disrupt the balance required for our planet’s sustainability is critical to young people of today as they move into a world that is facing many environmental challenges.
  • Learning about the places where languages and traditions are distinctive to the people of that place, and how those people’s lifestyles are governed by knowledge of land, seas and weather cycles is important so that children understand that they are part of a rich society and a continuum of human existence.