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  • Torres Strait Islands
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This track features the First Nations' language, Kala Lagaw Ya.

A story inspired by the sacred call of the dugong and its significance to the Torres Strait Island people.

Whistler Lyrics (In Kala Lagaw Ya Language)

Ngai kuku Dhangal
Ina ngau zageth
Nagai buwuaka
Thumayawai ka, sena
Ngapa. Ngaikia wagel
Kainen Ngungul thonar gasamka
Ngath lak kuniya
Ama naka esso poibain

Poetic Translation

I am the head Dugong Whistler.
This is my job to look after my herd.
Later this will be passed down to the next Dugong Whistler.
I also give thanks to my mother