Joe Hurst (dec.)

Set Design

Joe Hurst (1960 - 2022) was a Sydney based multi-media artist, working predominately with sculpture and public art projects. Hurst was of Murrawarri descent.



Joe Hurst is of Murrawarri descent.



Joe was a Sydney based multi-media artist working predominately with sculpture and public art projects - design, construction, sculptures and painting. Hurst was born in 1960 and is of Murrawarri descent. Joe contributed set designs for Bangarra productions in the early 1990s including Praying Mantis Dreaming and NINNI.

Joe had a long and celebrated career as an Artist, creating works for New Indigenous Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs (NSW), New South Wales Premier's Department, as well as for for TV stations and theatre, dance, drama and puppetry companies.

He designed the Sea of Hands for both Reconciliation Weekend and Olympic Weekend in the Royal Botanical Park. Hurst was involved in many exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in Budapest, Hungary and New Zealand.

Joe designed the CD artwork for Kev Carmody's Eulogy, and was the supervisor at Bula Bula Co-operative in Ramingining, Arnhem Land.

Joe was a long time member of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative.