Praying Mantis Dreaming

  • Sydney, North East Arnhem Land

Praying Mantis Dreaming is based around the dreaming of a woman whose mother is Aboriginal and whose father was of European ancestory. The Spirit of the Praying Mantis watches over her and guides her through her dreams.



Praying Mantis Dreaming tells the story of a young Aboriginal girl on her journey from her traditional homelands to the city. The Spirit of the Praying Mantis watches over both worlds, guiding and protecting the Aboriginals inhabitants, and encouraging the girl to seek her cultural heritage.

The first full length work created by Stephen Page for Bangarra Dance Theatre with original music composed by David Page, Praying Mantis Dreaming combined three distinctive and different styles of dance – traditional Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island and contemporary dance. See the archival first Press Release for Praying Mantis Dreaming here.

This production features the First Nations' languages Yolngu Matha (North East Arnhem Land), Kala Kagaw Ya (Top Western Torres Strait Islands) and Kala Lagaw Ya (Central and Western Torres Strait Islands).

Sections of Praying Mantis Dreaming

  • A Mother's Journey
  • Two Worlds
  1. Morning (Urban Life)
  2. Morning Star (Traditional)
  3. Bush Wallaby (Traditional)
  4. Drinking (Urban Life)
  5. Nardidji (Alcohol) (Traditional)
  6. Boxing (Traditional)
  7. Wild (Urban Life)
  8. Love (Urban Life)
  9. Gupu (Water) (Traditional)
  10. Wind (Urban Life)
  11. Wind (Traditional)
  12. Wind (Urban Life)
  13. Wind (Traditional)
  14. White Cockatoo (Traditional)
  • Song in the Wind
  1. Graveyard
  2. Walks of Life
  • 5. The Bench Dream
  • Peterson Street
  • Lust
  • Island Dream
  • Praying Mantis Dance
  • Reunite
  • Praying Mantis Traditional
  • Praying Mantis Solo

Durations: 73 Minutes





Premiere Season: National Tour | 1992
Praying Mantis Dreaming | Program | 1992

National Tour | 1993
Praying Mantis Dreaming | Program | 1993