Roula Kantarzoglou

Dance Artist (Alumni)

Currently Sydney-based and working as a Pilates instructor, Roula danced and toured in Bangarra Dance Theatre's Praying Mantis Dreaming in 1992 and 1993, for which she was also Dance Assistant. In 1992 she co-choreographed Djapana with Stephen Page which was performed at Redfern Park for the opening of the International Year of Indigenous People.



Roula first became interested in Pilates as a professional Dancer in 1986 and was amazed at the strength and profound effect on her technique and injury recovery. She attended the Helen De Paul Dance School as a child and continued her training at Bodenwieser with Margaret Chapple, Ted Williams, Ronne Arnold and Jane Beckett. Her dance credits include being an original cast member as Tantomile in Cats the Musical.

In 1992 she joined Bangarra Dance Theatre as Dance Assistant for Praying Mantis Dreaming, touring Australia and in 1993 travelling with the company to New York and Los Angeles, remaining in New York to attend a 3-month workshop at Alvin Alley. Upon returning to Sydney she performed in Bangarra's production of NINNI.

In 1999, Roula became certified in the New York Pilates Method instructed by Cynthia Lochard and Romana Krysanowska who worked closely with Joseph Pilates during his lifetime. She has also completed courses in Kinesiology and The Anatomy and Physiology of Yogat. In 2010-11, she trained and acquired her Professional Diploma in Pilates with Polestar Pilates International.

Roula has run Pilates mat classes at Bondi Pavilion, was a Senior Instructor at MG Pilates Studio, and is currently at The Pilates Nook and The Living Room studios in Coogee, Sydney. In recent years she began the study of Alchemy Yoga with Natalie Almond, discovering the essence of the body’s glands, organs, chemical and energy anatomy.

Roula loves how Pilates is accessible for everyone, delighting in the fact that our body’s cells are waiting in the wings for our instruction, becoming healthy, wealthy and wise.

She believes that movement is medicine.