Australian Tour Program | 2011

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Always uplifting and deeply moving, Belong transforms perceptions of the places we call home. Belong premiered in 2011 as a double bill which included About and ID.

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At the heart of Bangarra Dance Theatre are challenging social and political questions. As Indigenous people, who are we and where do we belong? Belong features two dance theatre works: ID by Artistic Director Stephen Page, and About by Choreographer and Dancer Elma Kris.

ID is a personal observation of why we are passionate about celebrating our heritage and culture through dance theatre. We are standing back, observing what has been happening to our people over the last two decades from different perceptions and having a dance theatre conversation about it.

About expresses Choreographer Elma Kris' curiosity of the four winds (Gub) that make up the seasons in the Torres Strait Islands. Kris looks at the influence it has on the land, sea and sky through exploring the four winds Zei, Kuki, Sager and Naigai. Kris shares her connection with culture, passing it on to future generations, both Torres Strait Islanders and all Australians alike.