Macq (OUR land people stories)

Return to Country Flyer | 2018

  • Appin
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Jasmin Sheppard meets Governor Macquarie of Sydney through his exposing diary entries in the early 1800’s. In a telling story of place, instigations and ramifications, we re-discover the impact of the 1816 ‘March of Macquarie’ on Aboriginal past and present.

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The true history of Sydney is explored in Macq by Jasmin Sheppard, examining the two sides to Governor Macquarie. So much of our Sydney is named for him, but what legacy has the darker side of his governance left for us?

The seed for Macq started when I first became aware of the 1816 massacre at Appin while living in Liverpool in Western Sydney around a decade ago. An encroaching statue of Lachlan Macquarie’s head there prompted in me the question: who was this man? It was as though the more I saw his name, the more I saw his name.

- Jasmin Sheppard, 2016