Jasmin Sheppard

Dance Artist (Alumni)

  • China

Jasmin is an Aboriginal woman with a mixed heritage of Irish, Chinese, and Russian Jewish ancestry. Her Aboriginal songlines are from the Kurtijar people, from Normanton and Croydon in Queensland Savannah country. Jasmin has a Diploma in Musical Theatre from The Dance Factory, Melbourne and in went on to study Contemporary Dance at NAISDA Dance College. She joined Bangarra in 2007 and one of her career highlights is performing the title role in 2014’s Patyegarang.



Jasmin is an Aboriginal woman with a heritage of Irish, Chinese, and Hungarian Jewish ancestry. Her Aboriginal heritage is from Savannah country; the Tagalaka and Kurtijar peoples from Normanton and Croydon in the Gulf of Carpentaria.



In 2002, after graduating from the Dance Factory in Melbourne with a diploma in Dance, Musical Theatre, Jasmin made her professional debut in HAIR the musical and studied Contemporary Dance at NAISDA. In 2006, she performed in The Migrant Project (Curious Works) and Vicki Van Hout's Wiradjurni.

Jasmin joined Bangarra in 2007 and has performed in every production for the company since then. Her highlights include performing the title role in Patyegarang (2014) alongside Thomas Greenfield; performing in Stephen Page's Warumuk - in the dark night, in collaboration with The Australian Ballet for its 50th Anniversary production, Infinity; and debuting her first choreographic work, Macq, as a part of Dance Clan 3 (2013) and OUR land people stories (2016).

She has collaborated with musicians such as Ben Ward (Sydney Symphony Orchestra) and Briggs. More recently, Jasmin has created No Remittance for Legs on the Wall and Choice Cut for Yirramboi festival, which will be presented at Toronto’s Fall For Dance North Festival, 2019. Jasmin is the recipient of a Native Earth Theatre Company (Toronto) Weesageechak residency in 2019 where she will develop her new contemporary dance work. Her work is passionate, political and has been described as “surreal and highly evocative” (The Australian).

Jasmin's career in dance reflects her deep connection to her culture, to art, and to spirit.