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In Lieutenant William Dawes’ notebooks, rediscovered in 1972, are transcripts of a remarkable cultural exchange. Patyegarang’s words are a window into a rich, complex and utterly different perspective on her world, its values and its sacred meanings.



As the colonial fleet arrived on Eora Country in the late 18th Century, Patyegarang befriended the colony’s timekeeper, Lieutenant William Dawes, gifting him her language in an extraordinary display of trust and friendship, which now inspires our imaginations about ‘first contact’. Bangarra liberates Patyegarang from the library shelves, putting spirit into her heart, as a striking visionary and educator.

This production features the First Nations language Sydney Language (Sydney basin).

Sections of Patyegarang

Eora - The spirit of Patyegarang awakens in a celebration of people and land
Dawes - A new arrival, a new connection to country
Time - A dedicated tracing of the universal law of time
Maugrai Nawi Banga - Honouring the integral role of women and the beauty in living off the land
2 Breaths - An observation of this special first contact through language
Dungaree (to dance) - A sacred ritual, refuelling for the hunt
Proclamation - The resolution to resist assimilation
Hunt - The absence of honour for sacrifice
Night Sky - A gift of cultural knowledge
Intimacy - A conscious connection
Sacred - Territorial tension
Departure - A decision honouring friendship and spirit
Resilience - Always was, always will be, our land

Duration: 70 minutes

Patyegarang premiered in 2014.





Premiere Season: Australian Tour | 2014