Warumuk - in the dark night

  • North East Arnhem Land

In celebration of The Australian Ballet’s 50th anniversary, Stephen Page led a collaboration between Bangarra and The Australian Ballet with the creation of a new work Warumuk – in the dark night as part of the Ballet’s Infinity program.



While past works Alchemy (1996) and Rites (1997) fused ballet with Indigenous themes, this was the first time dancers from both companies joined together in a seamless creative process inspired by Aboriginal culture. From the evening star to the morning star, the myths that resonate within the night sky were expressed from a contemporary perspective.

The score, composed by David Page, provides a rich mix of soundscape and orchestral instruments celebrating the resilience of Aboriginal songs and languages.

This production features the First Nations' language Yolngu Matha (Dhuwa and Yirritja language groups - North East Arnhem Land).

Sections of Warumuk

  • Evening Star (Djurrpun)
  • Julpan - Forbidden Fish
  • Milky Way (Badurru)
  • Full Moon (Ngalindi)
  • Eclipse (Gungama)
  • Seven Sisters
  • Morning Star (Barnumbirr)

Duration: 37 Minutes





Premiere Season | 2012

International Season | 2012
Warumuk Program 2012- extract from Infinity Program