David Page working towards the score for Patyegarang

  • Sydney
  • Music, Stories, Behind the Scenes

Beneath the impactful experience of a Bangarra production lies a wealth of ideas - springboards for creation - many of which have been discovered through research. This image captures a moment in which David Page is connecting with and exploring a curated collection of knowledge about the First Peoples of the Sydney region.

David Page doing research for Patyegarang

Composer David Page, pours over his research notes. These materials filter through David and, in many ways, contribute to what the audience will hear, see and feel during the Bangarra production, Patyegarang.

The page in view is from his recent visit to the exhibition 'Gamaragal at Manly Art Gallery', a curated collection of watercolours, engravings, drawings artefacts and other objects documenting the ‘first encounters’ between English settlers and the Gamaragal, the Aboriginal people who lived at what is now Manly and Northern Sydney, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Stepping back into the world the young Patyegarang walked, through such research, David dreams up the sounds that caressed the senses of the Eora people - sounds to inspire the Patyegarang soundscape.