Patyegarang: The First Dress Run in the Bangarra Studio

  • Sydney
  • Choreography, Costumes, Props, Sets & Lighting

This gallery includes images from the first dress run in the Bangarra studio - a pivotal experience and the first time when the creative elements begin to spark together.

The first dress run in the studio is a pivotal point in birthing the production. It is the first time creatives get to see all that will be moving with the dancers on stage. Every effort is made to have all props and physical set pieces present for the dress run and it is the time to see how costumes not only affect the movement but how they work in relation to the set pieces. This also aids early problem solving before the show moves into the theatre. For example, slippery surfaces can be reported and given appropriate treatment and any costumes that catch on sets or bodies can be dealt with either through costume adjustments or movement adjustments.