• the Kimberley, Great Sandy Desert
  • Stories, Highlights, Concept, Behind the Scenes

“One thing that people probably don’t know about Bangarra, is the dense process that we go through to carry story; the connection with people, the land, the different diversity of our cultures. We’re celebrating two different cultures – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories,” (Stephen Page).

Stephen Page and Frances Rings go on Country to learn the unique stories held by this Kimberleys region, which remain vibrant and unbroken despite decades of displacement and cultural disruption.

We’d like to thank the Wangkajunga/Walmajarri Elders and Cultural Consultants from the Kimberley and Great Sandy Desert regions who endorsed and gave permission for Bangarra to use elements of their cultural information for this new production. We also acknowledge the work of cultural consultants, Putuparri Tom Lawford and Eva Lawford (both siblings to the late Ningali Lawford-Wolf) for their immense contributions to this development and Bangarra.