Australian Tour Program | 2002

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Rations pulls at the threads of hand-me-downs. Lured from their homelands, clothed in cast offs and fed an alien diet of flour and sugar, the people find themselves trapped in a cycle of dependency.

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How do we live in both worlds? How do we survive and move forward? How do we cleanse the pain of the past? We have to take our cultural values with us. These tracks and songlines, the cyclical patterns of the walkabout, they all come from such ancient and powerful myths - you can get pulled off those tracks and you get influenced, but there's something in your gut, there's something calling to put you back on that track. It's the stories and the culture that is your grounding, your medicine. In that way, both Rations and Rush are like a spiritual wake up call. Walkabout is the call and response of two generations.