Rush captures the energy and resilience of youth, the struggle to reconcile old ways with new and cleanse the pain of the past.



Rush is very sparse and abstract. It touches on religion, it touches on substances and poisons, confinement, the stolen generation - but the themes are universal - they apply to any culture in the world.

"Western culture focuses on the external - pigeonholes, institutions, fences, confinement, half caste, quarter caste, clean, unclean - who defines what is civilised and what isn't? I explore all these issues in Rush against a stark white set and lights that either look sharp, soft, cold, wet. Its abstract, poetic and philosophical."

Stephen Page, 2002

This production features the First Nations' languages Yolngu Matha (North East Arnhem Land) and Walmajarri (The Great Sandy Desert - to the south of the Kimberley).

Sections of Rush

  • Bunks
  • Hair
  • Walls
  • Dots
  • The Call
  • Veins
  • Hope

Duration: 36 Minutes

Rush premiered in 2002 as part of the double bill Walkabout which included Rations and Rush.

Rush was remounted in 2004 as part of the double bill Clan for the Adelaide Festival which included Unaipon and Rush





Premiere Season: National Tour | 2002
Walkabout: Rush Program 2002

Adelaide Festival Tour | 2004
Rush Program Adelaide Festival 2004