I.B.I.S (lore)

Watch Excerpts from I.B.I.S

  • Torres Strait Islands, Thursday Island, Murray Island
  • Choreography, Music, Costumes, Sets & Lighting, Highlights, Performance

Sail with us through the winds and waters of the Torres Strait Islands - a place where, despite challenges of displacement and climate change, the culture remains strong and the people optimistic. Discover the spirit and complexities of this unique part of our world through a joyous and sensuous celebration of Island life, as you watch selected scenes from I.B.I.S.

I.B.I.S was choreographed in 2015 by former Senior Bangarra Artists Deborah Brown and Waangenga Blanco, and explores themes such as identity, inequality, climate change, and sustainability, while also expressing a hopeful and positive outlook for the future. I.B.I.S stands for Island Board of Industry and Services, a little, local store that services the communities on some of the 274 islands in the Torres Strait.

we’ve created a fictional I.B.I.S store where the people are modern day hunters and gatherers. - Deborah Brown & Waangenga Blanco, 2015.

This production features the First Nations' languages Kala Lagaw Ya (Western Torres Strait region) and Meriam Mir (Eastern Torres Strait region).

Bangarra would like to acknowledge the many people in our family who are no longer here but have left an indelible mark in our cultural and creative continuum.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the people of the Torres Strait Islands, whose Country and stories have inspired I.B.I.S.