Mathinna Image Gallery: Deserted

  • Tasmania
  • Choreography, Costumes, Sets & Lighting, Highlights, Performance

Inspired by a young girl’s journey between two cultures, Mathinna traces the story of a young Aboriginal girl removed from her traditional home and adopted into western colonial society, only to be ultimately returned to the fragments of her original heritage.

The images within this gallery were captured by photographers Jeff Busby (Main Stage Season, 2008) and Greg Barrett (Regional Tour, Cairns, 2010).


In 1843, the Franklins left Van Diemen’s Land to return to Britain, and it was decided, for one reason or another, that Mathinna would go to live at the Queen’s Orphanage School in Hobart. And so, having taken Mathinna into their home, where she lived in a privileged environment, the Franklins effectively abandoned her. How the breaking of this relationship was experienced is imagined in this scene as being traumatic on both sides.