OUR land people stories

Regional Tour Cast Sheet | 2018

  • Yirrkala, Dubbo, Appin
  • Program, Resources

OUR land people stories is a triple bill featuring three personal and profound works: Nyapanyapa, Miyagan and Macq.

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Nyapanyapa, a work by Bangarra Artistic Director Stephen Page, is inspired by the beautifully textured painting of Yirrkala artist Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. Dancers Beau Dean Riley Smith and Daniel Riley explore the kinship systems of the Wiradjuri Country in their work Miyagan, and the true history of Sydney is explored in Macq by Jasmin Sheppard, examining the two sides of Governor Macquarie.

The three works share a narrative thread. Whether it is Nyapanyapa's radical departure from Dreaming narratives in Yolngu painting traditions, the whitewashed legacy of Governor Macquarie, who called for the massacre of the local Dharug people at Appin, or in the complexities of rekindling family connections as told through a Wiradjuri kinship story, all three hold to account and analyse the impact of history, whilst simultaneously providing hope for the future in their exploration of resistance, survival and regeneration.