Our Land People Stories

  • North East Arnhem Land, Yirrkala

Created by Stephen Page, Nyapanaypa is inspired by the beautifully textured paintings of Yirrkala artist Nyapanyapa Yunupingu.



"Nyapanyapa Yunupingu is an inspiration. She is a proud Yolŋu woman from the Gumatj clan of North East Arnhem Land, a strong figure in her community who creates her art simply because it’s in her blood.

Nyapanyapa is so innately talented that her works give endless joy to those who see them. Each time I visit Yirrkala, I’ve always felt drawn to her energy, her spirit. I’ve long admired her paintings and her last series featuring young dancing girls fascinated me and sparked the idea for a creative exchange. But it is her Buffalo Story painting, which won her the prestigious Telstra Art prize in 2008, that was a jumping off point for this work."

- Stephen Page, 2016

This production features the First Nations' language Yolŋu Matha (North East Arnhem Land).

Sections of Nyapanyapa

Buffalo Story - Story of Nyapanyapa’s award winning painting

Bush Apples - Hiding in the trees

Seashells - Lost and found

Niblets - Humbugging

Lost Wendys - Forest of women

In Her Mind - Homage. Meditation through art

Duration: 44 Minutes

Nyapanyapa premiered in 2016 as part of the triple bill OUR land people stories, which included Macq, Miyagan, and Nyapanyapa.





Premiere Season: National Tour | 2016
OUR land people stories: Nyapanyapa Program 2016

International Tour | 2017
OUR land people stories: Nyapanyapa Program 2017

    • Berliner Festspiele
      26 October - 28 October

Return to Country 2018 | Nyapanyapa

International Tour | 2019