In Sheoak, Frances Rings investigates her connection to the land, the depth and the symbolism of the Sheoak tree, and its relation to our kinship system and the passing of knowledge from generation to generation.



Sheoak is a work that embodies many things. Not only is the tree itself symbolic, from providing tools, medicine, food, and shelter, it symbolises our stories – stories of the dancers, of the creatives, of the history of the company, of our people.

Just as the Sheoak tree and many of our fauna and flora are endangered, so too are our Indigenous languages, customs and lore. Sheoak represents the threat to our culture but also the incredible fight we have within us to protect it.

Sections of Sheoak

Place - The land of the old growth scar trees has fallen. Its keeper mourns its loss. The people must now adapt to a new way of life

  • Scar Tree
  • Keeper
  • Men's Rib

Body - The seeds begin searching for new grounds. A new generation faces the challenges of community life. Restrictions to cultural practices creat a cycle of dysfunction

  • Seed
  • Swinging Tree
  • Synthetic Seed

Spirit - The birth of a spirit as it embarks on its journey. Its arrival brings hope for change and renewal

  • Sheoak Spirit
  • Birth Right
  • Ancestors Call

Duration: 45 Minutes

Sheoak premiered in 2015 as part of the double bill Lore, which included Sheoak and I.B.I.S.





Premiere Season: National Tour 2015
Lore: Sheoak Program 2015