• North East Arnhem Land, Torres Strait Islands

A rich visual feast and a return to the purity of dance and tradition, Stephen Page’s triple bill Corroboree embraces the Dreamtime, a time when animal spirits occupied the land without the influence of humans.



Quietly political and evocative, Corroboree strives to bring attention to the origins of life. Corroboree takes a journey through the songlines of three dreamings that are central to the lives of Indigenous people. To learn more about Corroboree please explore: Brolga, Roo and Turtle.

In Corroboree I wanted to explore the transformation of the human spirit, the relationship between Aboriginal people, creatures and the land and what it is that unifies us as one. Corroboree is about challenging, awakening and cleansing the spirit.

I think the Olympics affected me a lot. Working with a thousand Indigenous people, all the elders trusting me to take their stories and put it on that ground, bringing black clans together, gathering in our own backyard. I think we, as a black nation, need to get together and work sacredly to develop a new language that speaks to the 980 different clans around the country. I believe that's what Bangarra is committed to doing - building a foundation, a strong spiritual philosophy that people can work from to tell whatever dreaming they want, in whatever medium.

The Bangarra family is always inspiring me, as well as my peers doing work in other mediums, like visual art, film and theatre that has a strong aboriginal consciousness. There's a good clan of us, we're the next elders - us mob that come together, we talk and inspire each other. It's a great medicine, as it has been for thousands of years.

There's a wonderful trust and exchange with the audience of a Bangarra performance. We guide you on a journey. It's a meeting of the urban social, traditional dreaming and pure abstract dance - that's why we can speak to all peoples. Passion, emotion and respect - this is what people have to have to survive, its got to be part of the human immune system. If you are honest to the process it will naturally attract those people who want to listen.

Corroboree is a conscious awakening of the spirit, it's challenging the political arena and it's about just being good young artists that take on the responsibilities and disciplines of maintaining this evolving storytelling. Bangarra is living the Dreaming; it's the Dreaming becoming in front of our eyes.

Stephen Page, 2001

Corroboree was performed as a one off 'Best of' Bangarra production for the 2001 USA Tour and the 2002 Monaco Tour.

2001 USA tour included the following sections (creatives as respective to sections): Awakening (Ochres, 1994), Hunting and Gathering (Skin, 2000), Dingo (Skin, 2000), Nesting (Skin, 2000) Cocoon (Fish, 1997), Toxic (Skin, 2000), Roo (Corroboree, 2001), White (Ochres, 1994).

2002 Monaco tour included the following sections (creatives as respective to sections): Hunting and Gathering (Skin, 2000), Black (Ochres, 1994), Toxic (Skin, 2000), Kangaroo (traditional), Cocoon (Fish, 1997), Bow and Arrow (traditional - Saibai Island), White (Ochres, 1994).

Duration: 70 Minutes (Excluding Interval)





National Tour | 2001
Corroboree Program 2001

    • Brisbane Conservatorium Theatre, Griffith University
      20 June - 23 June
    • Victorian Arts Centre - currently known as the Arts Centre Melbourne
      24 July - 28 July

International Tour | 2001
Corroboree Program Excerpt | 2001 USA Tour | The Kennedy Centre

    • United States of America
    • McCarter Theatre
      2 October
    • Shubert Performing Arts Centre
      4 October
    • New Jersey Performing Arts Centre
      5 October - 7 October
    • University of North Carolina
      9 October
    • Peace Center for the Performing Arts
      10 October
    • Fabulous Fox Theatre
      14 October
    • University of Richmond
      16 October - 17 October
    • Eisenhower Theater, The Kennedy Center
      19 October - 21 October
    • BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Harvey Theatre
      24 October - 27 October
    • University of North Carolina
      30 October
    • Butler University
      2 November
    • St. Ambrose University
      3 November
    • Scottsdale Center for the Arts
      6 November - 7 November
    • University of Arizona
      8 November
    • University of Nevada
      9 November
    • South Bay Arts Centre
      10 November

International China Tour | 2002
Corroboree Program | China Tour 2002

    • China
    • Beijing Century Theater
      23 October - 24 October
    • Hong Kong City Hall
      1 November - 2 November
    • Friendship Theatre, Guangzhou
      5 November

Monaco Tour | 2002
Corroboree Program Excerpt | Monaco Tour | 2002

    • Monaco Dance Forum
      13 December - 14 December