Turtle (Waru)


  • Torres Strait Islands

Turtle is a tribute to the Torres Strait peoples and the beautiful, melodic water that surrounds this country and what the Pacific means to people in general.



Aboriginal stories are quite earthbound, whereas Torres Strait Islander song and dance is inspired by the water. Turtle (Waru) is a simple and beautiful work; a thank you to the water and the Torres Strait Islander people.

This production features the First Nations' language Kala Lawaw Ya (Western Torres Strait Islands).

Sections of Turtle (Waru)

  • Mother Turtle (Soeywal)

  • Hatch (Kakurau Thonar)
  • TSI Play Dance (Kasa Kab)
  • Aigudau Tonar (Slip 'n' Slide)
  • Rhythm
  • Big Water (Koi Maluya)
  • Spirit/Cleansing (Kayan Igil)

Duration: 20 Minutes

Turtle premiered in 2001 as part of the tripple bill Corroboree, which included Brolga, Roo and Turtle.





Premiere Season: National Tour | 2001
Corroboree: Turtle | Program | 2001

    • Brisbane Conservatorium Theatre, Griffith University
      20 June - 23 June
    • Victorian Arts Centre - currently known as the Arts Centre Melbourne
      24 July - 28 July

International China Tour | 2002
Corroboree: Turtle | Program | 2002

    • China
    • Beijing Century Theater
      23 October - 24 October
    • Hong Kong City Hall
      1 November - 2 November
    • Friendship Theatre, Guangzhou