I.B.I.S (lore)

I.B.I.S Image Gallery | Return to Country

  • Torres Strait Islands, Thursday Island, Murray Island
  • Choreography, Stories, Highlights, Performance, Behind the Scenes

In 2017, Bangarra travelled to Thursday Island and Murray Island in the Torres Strait, to return the work I.B.I.S to Country. As well as performing I.B.I.S, the Artists spent time with the people of these communities whose stories and generosity inspired the work.

View some special moments from the Return to Country tour, including the company leading dance workshops, and rehearsing and performing on an outdoor stage for the community.

Cultural exchanges are at the heart of Bangarra's practice. Not only do they connect us with the communities who inspire our repertoire, they provide a much-needed spiritual rejuvenation for our dancers and creatives. It’s an opportunity for our Bangarra clan to learn from and share with our communities and Elders on Country and to give back by providing workshops and bringing our performances back to the land and people who inspired them.

Exchange activities included dance workshops with more than 150 young people on Thursday Island, and a cultural day with I.B.I.S Consultant and Thursday Island local Elder Aunty Betty Tekahika at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre. Four Bangarra Dancers also travelled to Murray Island (Mer Island) to hold workshops with the school and connect with the community.

Dancers Elma Kris and Nicola Sabatino also used the exchange to research their 2017 work Whistler, which was performed as part of the ONES COUNTRY – the spine of our stories season at Carriageworks in Sydney, 2017.