True Stories

True Stories

True Stories, is about nurturing the exchange of stories; the sharing of tradition, culture and of song and dance.



This double bill features the works of Frances Rings in X300 and Elma Kris' debut work, Emeret Lu.

In Emeret Lu (Very Old Things), choreographer Elma Kris explores her peoples’ love of the land, the sea and their unique culture with an exuberance handed down from generation to generation.

Frances Rings’ work X300 powerfully and spectacularly explores a landscape assumed vacant but which in reality became a contaminated desert which poisoned the people. In the 1950’s a series of atomic explosions were conducted on Maralinga, Tjarutja traditional lands. The code name of the test site was X300.

True Stories premiered in 2007 as a double bill including Emeret Lu and X300.

Duration: 85 Minutes (Excluding Interval)





Premiere Season: National Tour | 2007
True Stories Program 2007

Regional Tour | 2008

Regional Tour | 2009

International Tour | 2009
True Stories | 2009 Program Excerpt and Cast Sheet

    • Palace of the Arts (Müpa)
      3 April - 5 April
    • Festspielhaus
      17 April - 18 April
    • Autostadt
      29 April - 2 May