• Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

Terrain transports us to Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre in South Australia, the place of Australia’s inland sea: one of the few untouched natural waterways in the world. Choreographer Frances Rings explores the fundamental connection between Aboriginal people and land - how our land looks after us, how we connect with its spirit, and how we regard its future.



Terrain explores the relationship of Indigenous people to Country and how landscape becomes a second skin, inspired by the timeless beauty of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre in South Australia. Beyond the ancient vastness we travel through drought and deluge, we witness the ephemeral transformation of place where nature delivers in abundance, promises all but guarantees nothing.

This production features the First Nations language Arabunna (Lake Eyre).

Sections of Terrain

Red Brick - Looking beyond urban-scape to hear an ancestral Calling to Country
Shields - Reflecting on the struggle for Land Rights and Recognition that continue to affect Indigenous people today
Reborn - Land is passed down through the lineage, along with knowledge and customs
Spinifex - Inspired by the trees in and around Lake Eyre that resemble the gatherings of spirit women waiting, suspended in time
Salt - Beyond the white salt vastness lies an abstract landscape that resonates with an ancient power
Scar - The impact of mans actions scar and disrupt the delicate balance between people and environment
Landform - Through each evolution, the land regenerates and heals, awakening the cultural ties that connect people to place
Reflect - Traversing the horizon to glimpse the sacred realm where earth and sky meet
Deluge - Waters begin their journey towards Lake Eyre bringing with it transformation and ensuring the life cycle continues

Duration: 65 minutes

Terrain premiered in 2012.





Premiere Season: Australian Tour 2012

Return to Country | 2016

    • Marree Outdoor Performance (SA)
      4 November

Regional Tour | 2017