to make fire

Bangarra: 30 years of sixty five thousand

to make fire celebrates 30 years of original Bangarra creations with memorable moments from the company’s repertoire, curated by Artistic Director and Choreographer Stephen Page.



Spanning Australian history from pre-contact times to contemporary life, these stories speak of traditional ceremonies and practices, great artists and leaders, land and Country, loss, survival and hope.

In thirty years the company has celebrated the power, strength and beauty of Indigenous Australians, never shying from the devastating impact of colonisation, yet always celebrating the continuation of the oldest surviving culture on this planet.

Sections of to make fire

Mathinna Reprise - Mutton Bird, People, Exile, Adoption from Mathinna
About Reprise - Zey, Kuki, Naygay, Sager from About
Clan - Dots from Rush, Wiradjuri, Young Man, Promise from Rush, Hope from ID

Duration: 40 minutes

to make fire premiered in 2019 as a part of the triple bill Bangarra: 30 years of sixty five thousand which included Unaipon, Stamping Ground and to make fire.





Premiere Season: Australian Tour | 2019

Return to Country | 2019

    • Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre
      8 August 2019