Fire - A Retrospective

  • Torres Strait Islands, North East Arnhem Land, Cape York Peninsula, South Australia, Queensland

Fire – A Retrospective features the most memorable and potent elements of the company’s repertoire from 1989 - 2009, in a celebration of 20 years of bringing Australia and the world unique, exciting and inspirational dance theatre.



Featuring Bangarra’s exciting design installations, multi-media imagery and choreographic highlights from Ochres, Fish, Skin, Bush, Corroboree and many other much-loved works, Fire – A Retrospective takes audiences on the company’s journey through Indigenous history. Fire - A Retrospective is an opportunity for audiences to not only experience the brilliance of the company’s ensemble and its creative inspirations, but is also a chance to experience a kaleidoscope of works that have brought the company to the attention of the world.

This production features the First Nations language Yolngu Matha (Yiritja and Dhuwa) (North East Arnhem Land), Meriam Mir, Kala Lagaw Ya and Kala Kawaw Ya (Torres Strait Islands), Ngarti (Western Desert), Etanyanu (North West Cape York), Walmajarri (a Ngumpin language from the Kimberly region), Ngarrindjeri (South Australia), and Yugambeh (South East Queensland).

Sections of Fire - A Retrospective

Birth of Bangarra
Yirrkala - Banumbirr (Morning Star), Dhum Dhum (Bush Wallaby), Wata (Wind) from Yirrkala Community, Gudurrku (Brolga Traditional) from Brolga
Brolga - Dream/Arrival, Mimic, Feeding, Elders from Brolga
Ochres - White, Red, Black, Yellow from Ochres
Social Issues - Victims from Roo, Dingo, Alcohol from Spear, Veins from Rush, Blankets from Rations
Fish - Catch, Gutting from Fish
Toxic - Toxic from Shelter
Unaipon - String, West Wind, Power from Unaipon
Bush - Creation, Moth, Stick, Earthdancer, Ceremony from Bush
Torres Strait Island - Slip and Slide (Aigudau Tonar) from Turtle, Dream Fish from Reef, Bow and Arrow (Goelada) from Saibai Island, Waru from Turtle, Yagi Kuyk from Sabai Island
Celebration of Bangarra

Duration: 110 minutes

Fire - A Retrospective premiered in 2009.





Premiere Season: Australian Tour | 2009